New Product Announcement | Digital Business Cards in the Cedar Valley

Hate Traditional Business Cards?

They’re such a pain! You have to carry a bunch around with you everywhere you go. And when you meet someone, they always seem to be in your briefcase or the bottom of your purse.

​To make things even worse, there’s no way of tracking them and 81% of them end up in the garbage within a few days…

​​Introducing the Quantum Business Card. Using “tap to pay” technology, our Quantum business card allows you to carry just one business card.

​When you make a new contact, simply tap your card to their phone and like magic, ALL of your contact information pops up on their screen – making it easy to visit your web site, call or email you.​​

​​Plus, you can create an email sign up to add them to your mailing list.​​

​If you’re ready to ditch your traditional business card, call me at (319) 553-6800 to see the Quantum Card in action!