Don’t settle for a cringeworthy, fake smile.

Look like a boss with a headshot that rocks.

It’s time your IMAGES stand out so your BRAND can stand out.

You’re already running a successful business, but you know there is room for so much more skyrocketing growth. 

Your audience knows who you are — a fun-loving, easy-going entrepreneur who is exceedingly passionate about your brand and how you serve your people — but there’s a disconnect between what people see in your outdated headshots and who you really are as a person and business owner. You’re simply blending into the crowd.

You’ve heard it said over and over that the quality of your brand correlates with the quality of leads you bring into your business.

You’re finally ready to take that kind of action to level up your brand.

Hey, I’m April Melton, and I believe that men and women who are brave and bold enough to get in front of the camera will be rewarded by a brand that thrives because it’s built upon personal connection.

It’s built upon YOU, and that is a differentiator that no other business can tout. 

I’ve worked with entrepreneurs and business owners for 12 years in the portrait and brand photographer space, and by bringing my passion for marketing and branding into how I work with clients, it blends in a beautiful way to create the strategy & execution of the perfect brand images you’ve been craving.

Corporate Headshots

“Say cheese” and “Okay, smile” produce phony expressions!

Facial expression coaching is a communication process for engaging, authentic expressions.

It is a key part of a new kind of headshot experience, producing headshots that command respect, encourages trust, and draws people to you.

It’s a competitive world, so help people see you as a leader in your field.

Want to Look Like a CEO?

We are our own worst critics. The first thing many clients tell me is that they are not photogenic.

Together, we craft headshots inspiring others to trust and respect you and the value you bring.

Look like you have a corner office, not a cubicle.

I will show you how.

Facial Expression Coach

Since we can’t smile authentically on command, we need a guide and coach, and someone who can create an atmosphere for genuine smiles.

April Melton provides an interactive, engaging, and coached headshot session. You’ll learn how to present yourself in front of the camera.

You and April will craft headshots inspiring others to trust you and feel a connection with you, through your professional headshot.

Schedule a headshot session today.

Work With Me…

Whether you need a little or a lot when it comes to photos for your business, we have the option that is right for you. 


This is for the client who wants the full experience. These magazine style photo shoot packages come with professional hair and makeup & digital images to use all over your social media, website and more.


Our most popular and cost effective shoot, Headshot Minis are fast, fun and include 2 hi-resolution digital images for you to use on your website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other high-traffic, online platforms.


If your team or staff photos are old, outdated, or even non-existent, it’s time to highlight your growing brand in the images you share online. Perfect for any group of 5 or more people (includes individuals and team shots).

How It Works…


Click “SCHEDULE” to choose your convenient session time.


The magic happens in the studio, where we’ll create your headshots.


You’ll be able to view and purchase your favorites on the same day!

Business Headshots

Elevate your professional game.

You have lost opportunities because of what others thought of you.

Your business headshots should work for you.

Boost your brand with high-end headshots that convey your value.

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What My Clients Say…

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