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Marketing during these uncertain times can feel icky and I was concerned that folks would think I was trying to take advantage of them during this time.

I was speaking with a fellow photographer who said he felt down because his siblings were nurses and firefighters while he was just a photographer. And what they told him was AMAZING! They told him that he was their hero! Because he captures the memories they come home to!

That is when I thought up the FRONTLINE HERO SESSIONS Marketing Campaign!

And I want you to have it – FOR FREE!

The FRONTLINE HERO SESSIONS Campaign can help you market you photography services by giving people an opportunity to give a gift certificate to their hero – whether he or she is a Doctor, Nurse, Trucker or Gas Station Attendant – to have a family photo session when they feel safe & comfortable.

The Zip File contains the ad text to use in your Facebook & Instagram marketing campaign or send to your existing clients.

You also get 2 PSDs – one to create your ad & one to use for your gift card.

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