Colleen Tierney | Remax Agent Waterloo, Iowa

Colleen is Remax Real Estate Agent here in Waterloo, Iowa. She is also running for the Iowa House of Representatives.

We wanted to create images that she could use for both her job as a real estate agent and her political campaign.

Photographing some images horizontally gave us space to add text to some of her pictures so she could create marketing pieces.

What She Said About Her Session…

Colleen is not the first Real Estate Agent to tell me that she “hates” having her photo taken. In fact, it’s really common.

“April, These are so good, I’m very impressed (you almost can’t tell that I hate getting my pictures taken). I’ll need your cards so I can pass on all your information to my real estate & political friends. Thank you so much!”


Background Replacement : Digital Magic

Want to maximize the versatility you get from your headshot photo shoot? Ask about me about background replacement during your free consultation.

Depending on your goals, there are times when it’s helpful and cost effective to replace the background in your photos, especially when you are working with an advertising firm or marketing agency or testing different marketing themes.

During your personal branding photo shoot, we can photograph you on a contrasting background to create transparent backgrounds.

As you can see from Colleen’s pictures below, she has dark hair. By initially photographing her on a light background, I was able to “clip” her out and place her on another background, like the Iowa State Capitol using Photoshop.

For a blonde or light haired person, I would photograph them on a dark background so that I am able to create a transparent background.