In business, an image can be the difference between making the sale and missing the opportunity. High-quality, professional business photos capture the attention of your clients by adding instant personality to marketing materials, public relations efforts, social media and more.

About Waterloo Cedar Falls Headshots Business Photography

Waterloo Cedar Falls Headshots provides you with professional quality, business photos that bring your image and brand into focus. With same day and high res digital delivery, Waterloo Cedar Falls Headshots is the perfect solution for your business photography needs.

Individual Headshots: Our photographers are ready to serve you today! Simply click here to schedule your session.

Corporate Headshots: Do you have a company or team in need of a consistent photographic look and feel?

Using Business Photos

Business photography can help establish trust with your customers while achieving greater brand awareness.  Examples of effectively using business photography include:

  • Marketing, Advertising and Publicity
    Enhance your outreach efforts by adding a personal touch to marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns with high-quality business photos that reflect the unique image and personality of your company.
  • Corporate Websites, Intranets, Business Cards & More
    Your website is an ideal place to add a personable touch, as it’s where initial contact with potential clients often occurs.
  • Corporate Communications & Investor Relations
    Adding professional business photos to annual reports, investor dossiers, executive presentations, newsletters and more reinforces your company’s image and helps create tighter relationships among clients, investors and other stakeholders.
  • Social Networking
    Utilizing resources such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites, offer different ways to stay in contact with your customers.  Personalize the experience with high-quality business photos, which reinforce your image and help customers identify with your brand.
  • Email Confirmation
    For service-related companies, making your customers feel confident, comfortable and self-assured is paramount, especially when entrance to a customer’s home is required.  Build trust by including a professional business photo in your emails, letting customers see exactly who will be making their service call.
  • Employee Recognition
    Make lasting impressions by recognizing employees with awards, personalized with their professional business photo!


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What Our Clients Are Saying...

  • Thank you, April Melton, for the great photo shoot yesterday. I look like a million bucks!

    Harvey Wilson
    Harvey Wilson Transitioning Soldier
  • I'm exploring new job and career options and needed a new head shot. In the past, I've too often found headshot sessions to be stressful and ultimately, disappointing.  With April, though, my photo session was easy, verging on relaxing, and my selection session a few days later was similarly stress free. April has a gift for capturing people as the really are, and I was delighted to end up with a headshot that looks like me, not some overly posed and strainedly smiling stranger, and that conveys my personality.  I highly recommend her!

    Jenny Van Cleef
    Jenny Van Cleef English as a Second Language Teacher
  • April did a fantastic job. I had a short window and she accommodated my schedule and turned over photos very quickly. I recommend El Paso Headshots.

    Cassandra Hernandez Brown
    Cassandra Hernandez Brown El Paso City Council, Distric 3
  • April Melton does an amazing job on making you feel comfortable and relaxed. She is a master of art when it comes to photography!

    Joshalyn MH Johnson
    Joshalyn MH Johnson Northend Update Show Host
  • I don't know if men feel the same way; but I know as a woman, it seems the older you get, the harder it is to take a picture you LIKE. I think April did a great job! She made us feel at ease, gave clear directions on where / how to move, and was open to suggestions ... It was actually fun and stress-free.

    Chaveevah Cheryl Banks Ferguson
    Chaveevah Cheryl Banks Ferguson Artist
  • “If you ever need a pro to make you look great, April Melton is the One!! You can follow her page here: WCFHEADSHOTS.COM Her beautiful work speaks for itself, but you can check out her page and tell her as well! She has some neat plans that you may find interesting!” ~Phillip Banks

    Phillip Banks
    Phillip Banks Photographer

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